What is the Executive Roundtable?

In addition to our goal of making the process easier, cheaper and faster for borrowers and homeowners to get mortgages, the members of the Executive Roundtable have goals we believe are focused on the right priorities. We are focused on expanding the reach and opening the doors for borrowers who have historically not been able to borrow easily or on good terms, as well as making the industry more inclusive and more connected with minorities who are projected to be the largest cohort of future home buyers.

The mission is to convene a meeting of mortgage industry stakeholders at the CEO level to explore ways to significantly improve the effectiveness of the industry’s processes, and the aggregation of processes, technology, and controls that underpin the origination and servicing of mortgages.

The Roundtable will explore ways to work together as trading partners in the value chain or eliminate redundant processes as well as to examine new technologies which could be harnessed to achieve breakthroughs in operating performance.